• for a PET bottle to naturally degrade?

    Our planet needs you.

    Did you know it takes more than 1000 years
  • PET Caribe contributes to avoid that more than 54 thousand Metric Tons of CO2 go into the environment.

    You can be part of the solution!

    By recycling PET bottles we are reducing CO2 emissions by about 85%.
  • by helping us clean the oceans from plastic pollution.
    Together we can save our planet!

    You can be part of the solution,
  • In Venezuela, we dispose more than 5 million PET bottles every hour.

    But not all of them go to the landfill, many end up in our seas, forests, jungles and rivers. Now, we can change this!
  • Recycling is the sustainable answer for saving our planet,

    Recycling is the sustainable answer for saving our planet, together with your help we will be able to recycle more than 800 thousand cubic metres of PET bottles every year. Your sons deserve a cleaner planet!

In the Pacific Ocean we have got a 25 square kms island of plastic waste,

thousands of marine animals die due to feeding of this waste by mistaking it for food. This plastic mass in the Pacific is approximately the size of Australia and it keeps growing.

PET Recycling, a story of success.

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