Environmental Impact

Environmental Space
With the bottles that we recycle in a year we could fill a place with 800.000 cubic metres, we would fill the Cachamay stadium in Puerto Ordaz with PET bottles (rubbish). This amount goes to our landfills each year and we could recover it instead.
CO2 Emissions
With our production we would reduce CO2 emissions by 85% compared to the production of virgin resin. This means that we would avoid sending 54.000 metric tons of CO2 into our atmosphere, equivalent to removing 1.200 cars a year from circulation.
With our production of 18.000 tons a year we could save enough energy to light 221.000 Venezuelan homes. (Venezuelan households consume on average 400 Kw/h). We would save 5.800 kWh of energy per ton produced.
In Non-Renewable Resources
We would save 16,3 barrels of oil per ton. This means that we would save 300.000 barrels of oil per year.
For Our Country
With our production we are taking the first serious step to reach the goal of recovering 50% of plastic waste in Venezuela and become an example of environmental development in the world.